Ohio Green Meetings

Meetings at The Lodge & Conference Center at Geneva-on-the-Lake come with a natural bonus – a dramatic setting on the Lake Erie shoreline.

Here, it’s easy to appreciate the environment, and natural to want to conserve precious resources. The Lodge at Geneva is proud to feature local, sustainable catering options, water-conserving fixtures, energy-saving light bulbs and a minimal use of paper.

Ohio green meetings at The Lodge go the extra mile with little touches that make a huge difference. We continually evolve our program to improve our efforts, and share best practices with guests, exhibitors and meeting planners.

Providing awe-inspiring events while protecting The Lodge’s surroundings for generations to come is paramount. Each GreenPath Meeting – our Ohio green meeting initiative – starts with an eco-foundation of Evergreen elements. For groups who want to go even greener, The Lodge offers upgraded eco-packages. Enjoy meetings as nature intended.


All of our Northeast Ohio meetings include these Evergreen elements.

Meeting Room

  • Recycling bins are provided in all meeting rooms and public areas
  • Efficient technology is utilized in meeting rooms to minimize energy consumption
  • Associates are trained to turn off equipment and lighting, and to turn down thermostats in meeting rooms when they are not in use
  • Associates are encouraged to take the stairs rather than the elevator
  • Associates and guests are encouraged to print only what is necessary and to print double-sided to conserve our resources
  • Green products and initiatives are clearly labeled and communicated to guests and associates

Food & Beverage
  • China plates and silverware are served at all dining establishments rather than plastic-ware unless requested
  • Rather than using paper napkins and tablecloths, cloth products are used


Guest Room

  • A linen reuse program is in place to allow guests to reuse sheets and towels during their stay
  • All equipment and fixtures that need to be replaced are replaced with low-flow and/or Energy Star rated equipment


  • Routine maintenance is performed and documented on fleet vehicles
  • Environmentally preferable chemicals are used
  • Associates and meeting attendees are encouraged to carpool
  • Appropriate sized vehicles are used when transporting meeting attendees
  • Transportation is planned to minimize our environmental impacts
  • Drivers are trained to conduct vehicle inspections for safety and efficiency
  • Fuel usage and mileage is documented for efficiency
Enhance your meeting by combining the Evergreen Package with additional options below.

Meeting Room - Choose a minimum of 2 items
  • Printed materials will be on post consumer paper that contains at least 30% post-consumer content.
  • Wireless internet.

Food & Beverage - Choose a minimum of 2 items
  • Milk, sugar, and other condiments will be served in bulk, rather than individual packets.
  • Attendees with the option to purchase or bring reusable bottles and mugs to use while attending the conference.
  • Edible or sustainable centerpieces.

Education / Interpretation / Activities - Choose a minimum of 1 item
  • A guided (45-90 minute) interpretive walk focusing on the area’s natural and cultural history.
  • A (15 minute) breakout sessions that support team building and corporate concepts and objectives.

Guest Rooms - Choose a minimum of 1 item
  • Internet access to guest rooms.
  • Mineral or filtered water in guest rooms. Guests may use their reusable mugs or bottles.
Design your own Ohio green meeting. Combine the Evergreen Package and the Spring Package with these great options.

Meeting Room - Choose a minimum of 1 item
  • White boards or technology instead of paper flip charts.
  • Electronic and eliminate printing.

Food & Beverage - Choose a minimum of 2 items
  • Organic and sustainable beverages, featuring: 
  • Tea, rainforest coffee and specialty coffee drinks with organic accompaniments including sugar, creamers, chocolate sticks, cinnamon sticks, organic and natural sparkling juices, organic soft drinks, organic microbrews and fresh squeezed juices.
  • Biodegradable or recyclable disposable alternatives.
  • An organic afternoon break, featuring organic coffee and tea, sustainable fresh fruit, protein shakes, and organic chocolate and coffee.

Education / Interpretation / Activities - Choose a minimum of 1 item
  • A local vineyard tour and wine tasting event.
  • A variety of fitness options (30 to 60 minute sessions) to energize and invigorate meeting participants any time of the day.

Guest Rooms - Choose a minimum of 1 item
  • Mineral or filtered water in guest rooms. Guests may use their reusable mugs or bottles.
  • Welcome amenities packaged in reusable tote bags. Choose from a selection of giveaways (for purchase) such as organic cotton shirts; books and DVDs (specific to the property, the environment, or sustainable foods and cooking) organic, natural, and sustainable foods.
Make your Northeast Ohio green meetings even better for the environment. Combine the Evergreen Package with the Spring Package, the Sea Package and your choice of the options listed below.

Meeting Room - Choose a minimum of 1 item
  • Pens and pencils made from post-consumer materials.
  • Flip charts containing 100% post-consumer content.

Food & Beverage - Choose a minimum of 2 items
  • An organic continental breakfast, featuring organic coffee and tea, a bakery assortment (earth grain breads and scones), organic yogurt, natural granola, bulk jams and honey.
  • Seafood will be served according to the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch and serve organic poultry and beef.
  • A sustainable cooking demonstration or cooking class with our local chef. And, if possible tour a local producer’s facility.

Education / Interpretation / Activities - Choose a minimum of 1 item
  • Group activity (1-2 hours), for a service project or charitable act, focused on social activism and giving back to the local community.
  • Team building activity (1.5-2.0 hours) focusing on core fundamentals and tools for group success.

Guest Rooms - Choose a minimum of 1 item
  • Welcome amenities packaged in reusable tote bags. Choose from a selection of give-a-ways (for purchase) such as organic cotton shirts; books and DVDs (specific to the property, the environment, or sustainable foods and cooking) organic, natural, and sustainable foods.
  • An opportunity for guests to make a donation to a local environmentally, eco-friendly organization.
  • Green turndown with variety of amenities such as a pitcher of water, lavender sachets, and calming music.
Purchasing Environmentally Friendly Products and Services
Actively demanding, seeking, and purchasing materials made of post-consumer, recycled, natural and organic content reduces impact to the environment and contributes to improved human health.

Preventing Pollution & Reducing Waste
Pollution prevention reduces or eliminates waste at the source by modifying production processes, promoting the use of non-toxic or less-toxic substances, implementing conservation techniques and reusing materials rather than putting them into the waste stream.

Recycling and Managing Waste
Waste is generated by nearly everything that we do at home, work or while traveling. Waste is classified as non-hazardous or hazardous and it is everyone’s responsibility to do their part to respond and educate others, reduce use, reuse and recycle where possible.

Water Conservation
Vast amounts of water are used throughout each day without thought. Freshwater is a limited resource and the protection and conservation of this resource is essential to our survival.

Energy Conservation
Conserving energy use and selecting alternative forms of energy reduces the consumption of fossil fuels and reduces impact to the environment

Environmental Education & Training
Learning about the natural world and environmental issues greatly influences people to become engaged and responsible and encourages them to help protect and conserve resources.

Fleet Vehicles
Planning travel, using alternative fueled vehicles and performing routine maintenance and inspections contribute to improved fuel efficiency and an overall reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.
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